?1Softwaretuning vs Chiptuning

Basically there is no difference between these two terms. Softwaretuning means putting in data of the tuning software into the engine control unit by means of a flasher. Chiptuning means programming the tuning software onto an Eprom which is plugged or soldered into the engine control unit.

?2Can chiptuning be undone?

Of course it can. We save all the original data oft he tuned vehicle, so that we can restore them in the control unit without any problems at any time. You can always take your original parts with you packed in processor packaging.

?3Does chiptuning by Chipmaster Tuning have effects on the life expectancy of my car?

The increased efficiency of our tuning is programmed in a way that no maximum permissible values of your engine or the engine and drive train are reached or even exceeded. At a normal manner of driving no negative influence on the life extzectancy of your vehicle or your engine is to be expected.

?4Chiptuning by Chipmaster Tuning or an additional engine control unit (blackbox)?

Besides chiptuning some suppliers also offer a so called additional engine control unit (black box), which they misleadingly also call chiptuning. This additional engine control unit is put directly between the engine control unit and the fuel injection pump. Consequently it can be seen immediately and the car wire harness must be split up. Such an additional engine control unit only increases the amount of fuel injected and cannot optimize any other characteristics oft he engine operating map. This can result in the creation of dense smoke and bucking of the engine. Another disadvatage is the thermical strain oft he engine heat which these units have to bear. This can lead to eventual changes in the control unit which can lead to a loss of engine power which means that this addtional unit has to be removed again. So a driver who fancies tuning of an engine will choose chiptuning by Chipmaster Tuning.

?5Can chiptuning by Chipmaster Tuning be recognized in my garage?

Our tuning software is programmed without firm identification. This means we only change the characteristics of the engine operating map which are needed for increased efficiency. Wa are a producer of software and also use our products as retailers. So the tuning cannot be read out by diagnostic means of your garage. Our chiptuning can only be recognized by a suitable power-absorption roller.

?6Which problems might occur?

With some vehicles you cannot feel any increased efficiency after installation of a tuning chip. This is not a mistake of the chip though! Some types of vehicles (eg. 1.9 TDI, 2.5 TDI) have massive problems with the reliability of their airflowsensors. The defect of such a part only shows after tuning a vehicle because either the airflow is still sufficient for serial amount of fuel injection or the power of your engine has gradually decreased, so that you couldn't really realize it. Moreover a defective airflowsensor can result in bucking, uneven acceleration and intensified emission of soot – especially on hot summer days. If any of these symptoms show up after installation of our tuning chip you can usually be quite sure that the airflowsensor is defect and the chip is ok! So we ask you to contact your garage in this case and directly ask to check the airflowsensor. They will know the problem. Please see to it that the airflowsensor is replaced (on a trial basis first) , because in most cases a malfunction oft he airflowsensor cannot be read out by regular fault diagnosis.

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