The engines of modern cars are controlled by a computer (the engine control unit). This unit (ECU = Electronic Computer Unit) is responsible for all the functions e.g. fuel delivery, boost pressure, trigger time points, and other important characteristics of the engine. Chiptuning means optimizing the output of your car! This is done by adjusting the characteristics of the engine operating map in the chip of the ECU at the power-absorption roller. This ptimization is effected by e.g. adjusting the point of injection time, the boost pressure, the injection amount etc. . A computer software programme is especially written for your car and programmed on a suitable chip or the data input is given by using an "on board diagnosis system" (OBD). This means a considerable increase of your car's performance of up to 40% and at the same time guarantees a decrease of your fuel consumption of at least 0.4 litres /100km – when using the same manner of driving.

BDM Data Input

The CPU oft he ECU is input by a so called programming station. Some recent vehicles with an EDC 16 system can be programmed by this system only. With some vehicles of this generation data input is also possible by a special interface. The software is read out and also put in by an interface at the surface of the board.

OBD Input

The tuning software can be transferred into the programming unit with a suitable plug by a special interface. Before doing so the original engine management system should be read out and saved. The special interface is a programming unit which finds its way from the PC over the OBD plug to a unit (called Flash Eprom) in the ECU by using a special software. This Flash Eprom has stored all the control functions of a modern engine and data can be deleted and recorded over and over again! For Audi, Seat, Skoda, and VW models starting from 1999 a direct input of data to the ECU is also possible. In these cases a plug of the ECU is connected to the interface and this way the original software is copied and transferred.


The tuning files are produced by special software programmes which are able to optimize all the characteristics oft he original data of your car. At an ultra-modern power-absorption roller the various requirements are worked out and tested by simulating any possible physical influences. Only after this phase the data are passed on to the customer! By adjusting the engine operating map we can effect a clear increase of your car's output. By this way of optimization the deconvolution of energy is increased over the complete speed band and the vehicle response of your engine is improved. Most cars also need less fuel when using the same manner of driving.


All software adaptations made by Chipmeister Tunint IT can be insured by the scope of cover of a NSA Tuning Warranty. more


Here yout get all what you need for reputable chip tuning business. All tools with simple control, technical support by phone and email und Email and custom programmed software for most differtent wants! From powertuning in motorsports to eco-tuning.

Equipment for Soldering

You can also obtain from us professional soldering stations and any additional equipment which has already proved its value in daily use. We offer comprehensive training for the usage of these professional tools. Please send us an e-mail enquiring for dates of instruction and prices of the products.

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